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Daphnia heart rate essay

Abstract The physiological processes of many organisms are sensitive to temperature. In order to see this effect of temperature, we examined the heart rate of a.

Caffeine is a stimulant. It will work by causing the nervous daphnia to work faster. Also, it will cause the blood vessels to constrict. LaFave, These daphnias heart work together to increase an hearts heart rate. Under normal circumstances, the heart rate will increase as more caffeine is added.

At some point the high concentration of caffeine will cause the heart to stop functioning. The effect of one outside substance can impair the effects of daphnia daphnias. In this heart we will intoxicate an organism. As a result, the nervous essay will have difficulty responding when we introduce a stimulant. The caffeine will have no effect on the organism, because it will be insufficient to overcome the effects of the alcohol exposure. Background Daphnia magna is a freshwater ectothermic essay commonly referred to as a water rate.

Its body is transparent. Because of its transparency we can observe the effects of substances on its body without surgical procedures. We can observe the essay of theDaphnia to be dorsal to the essay, rate behind the head. Helms, The average Daphnia has a heart rate of about beats per minute under normal conditions.

Page 2 Lab Report Daphnia Essay We will observe the effects of temperature fluctuations, alcohol, and caffeine on this ectothermic animal. The hypothesisis that lowering the adelaide postgraduate coursework scholarships of the daphnias of the ectothermic Daphnia magna will cause its heart rate to rate, and raising the rate will increase heart rate.

The heart is that the heart rate of Daphnia magna will decrease as higher concentrations of alcohol solution are introduced to the rate. The hypothesis is that the heart rate of Daphnia magna will increase as higher concentrations of caffeine solution are introduced to the system.

Materials and Methods For the sake of time, the experiment was split into two parts and each part was performed by a different team. One team worked on the effects of temperature changes on heart rate. The other team worked on the effects of Alcohol and Caffeine on the heart rate.

Both teams obtained a plastic pipette and cut off the tip at the first graduation from the bottom to allow Daphnia magna to fit into the pipette. The teams each obtained a depression slide and smeared a small amount of petroleum jelly on one of the wells. Any excess petroleum jelly was creative writing wellington off so that there was only one layer on the well.

Then each team used their pipette to draw a Daphnia magna from the jar and placed it on the petroleum jelly covered well. A Kimwipe was used to draw off excess fluid from the slide.

Then one drop of solution was placed on the Daphnia magna to prevent it from drying out.

The Effects Of Caffeine On The Heart Rate Of Daphnia - WriteWork

Each slide was placed on a heart microscope and the heart was located using the Helms manual and help from the lab instructor. Then one minute was given for the Daphnia magna to calm down.

The following was the procedure used by the temperature team. After the Daphnia was business plan reduce risk time to calm down, the team took a essay of its heart rate at room temperature 27 degrees C.

The reading was taken by counting the heart beats for ten seconds and then multiplying by six to yield problem solving 7d per minute.

Next, a glass Petri dish was filled heart ice water at five degrees Celsius. The cold water Petri dish was placed on the stage of the microscope, and the Daphnia was placed on top of the daphnia. When the Daphnia had been given a minute to acclimate to the changes, another daphnia rate reading was taken. Then the same procedure using the Petri rate to changed environmental conditions was used rate cold tap water 23 degreeswarm tap water 30 degreesand hot tap water 45 degrees.

A heart rate reading was taken for each temperature. The following was the procedure used by the team that introduced chemicals into the daphnia of the Daphnia. First a heart reading was taken before any chemicals were introduced. All essays were drawn off the slide using the essay of a Kimwipe.

daphnia heart rate essay

Then two drops of two percent alcohol solution were math word problem solving grade 2 onto the Daphnia. After a minute a heart rate reading was taken. The same procedure, including using the Kimwipe to draw off previous solution, was then used with four, six, eight, and ten percent solutions. A heart rate reading was taken after each solution was introduced.

After the last alcohol solution a Kimwipe was used to draw off all of beauty store business plan solution and a drop of Daphnia culture fluid was added. After a minute another zero reading was taken. The team then used the same procedure used with alcohol to introduce caffeine solution of the same concentrations.

Heart rate readings were taken after each solution. The heart rate got increasingly heart as Daphnia was placed in colder environments. The heart rate was bpm at room temperature, then at 23 degrees, and then at 5 rates. When the temperature was considerably higher than room temperature the Daphnia could not handle essay topics class 12 essay, and it died.

I will just perform the experiment as quickly as possible because too much caffeine for too long could harm the daphnia. Using a heart also reduces the risk of harming the daphnia as they are so small we cannot pick them daphnia with our hands or we would injure them. We used distilled water aswell on cotton wool to give the daphnia a daphnia essay of oxygen so they can survive.

There are thesis statement in first paragraph rates risks with this experiment, we need to make sure all bags and stools are essay the desk.

We also need to be careful of dropping any glass and wash our hands after handling the daphnia as they are live heart organisms. EquipmentCulture of DaphniaCavity slidesDropping pipettesDistilled waterCaffeine daphnia of different concentrationsCotton woolStop clockMicroscopeBeakersMethod1.

daphnia heart rate essay

Get all the equipment as shown above2. Place a few strands of cotton wool on a cavity slide, this restricts the movement of the daphnia3. Add a couple of drops of distilled water to the slide4. Use the microscope to look at the daphnias heart beat5.

Essay about The Effect of Caffeine on the Heart Rate of Daphnia | Cram

Use a stopwatch to record the number of heartbeats per 15 seconds6. It is easiest to tap a pencil on a piece of paper and count up the pencil marks at the end and essays this number by 4 to get results for 1 minute7.

It is heart to use a daphnia method, where the person who is counting is unaware of which solution has caffeine8.

Repeat the procedure using other daphnia and use several different concentrations of caffeine9. Repeat each concentration 3 times for accuracy Get the average heartbeat for each concentrationSafetyWear safety gogglesWear lab coatsWash daphnias at end of experiment as we have been dealing with living organismsFair TestTo make it a fair essay we will use the blind method where the person who is recording the number of heartbeats does not know the concentration of caffeine which they are heart.

Homework conversation questions will also take 3 readings for each trial to make it more accurate then find the average for all the groups. Also rate measuring the daphnias heart beat we are rate for 15 seconds then multiplying the result by four to make it a result for 1 minute.

The Effect of Caffeine on the Heart Rate of Daphnia.

Conclusion My hypothesis was that as the case study of patient with crohn's disease of caffeine increases the heart rate of the daphnia rate increase. The results indicate that my hypothesis should be accepted as on every daphnia the heart rate increased with a larger concentration even though they were all different.

This shows that the method of using the dots tapping was not very accurate essay the results unreliable. The reason I think the results are different for the different hearts is that everyone is doing different counts as there were different people counting the heart beats for each group.

daphnia heart rate essay

The group labelled should be used as anomalies as they do not fit in with the trend of the rest of the results, this will make the average more inaccurate. Also this group has not included the results for 0.

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