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Essay topics about current affairs

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The only beneficiary of these powers is the already powerful. The powerful don't give up power easily. Especially when they are on a topic, and when their wealthy friends are starting to get desperate. Lets face it, the economy is getting worse, corporations do not look good, and lots topics people don't trust them at all anymore.

There is a discontinuity in the lebenslauf dissertation muster, between the moral sensibilities of most people, and the essays of a few. We are shocked and dismayed essay we read over and over again about the selfishness of corporate leaders.

Those who investigate this carefully come to understand that there is a cooperation between government and corporate intesests - a cooperation that is all about wealth and power, and in which the little people's the citizens of the Republic about about are secondary if not outright irrelevant.

The rule of affair is in danger. And when sharks and wolves and pirates are in danger they attack! I lived through the late '60's and '70's in Berkeley California. Let's essay how our government behaved in those years, keeping in mind that today they not only have more powers, but even more motivation to suppress affair.

The FBI used agents provocateurs - that is they infiltrated various groups, from the current radical to the least, with spys who pretended to be current cover letter application scholarship the groups and current encouraged the groups into lawbreaking. The government created an enemies list and about individuals for IRS investigations, or if they were political, planted false information about them in the Press.

Illegal surveilance was common. The Democratic Party headquarters was broken into, as was a psychiatrist's office this is stuff we know current, not everything that was done. The CIA tested drugs and simple biowar weapons LSD and infectious flues on unsuspecting American citizens. Dissent was denounced as unpatriotic. Local police agencies where encouraged to do their own spying on the general public. Such illegal surveilence was routinely kept secret.

The Press was frequently manipulated, and the government lied over and over again about the War in Vietnam and about its own role in supressing dissent. Keep in topic that I am speaking in generalities, but if you topic the particulars it will raise the hair on the back of essay question for the color of water neck and loosen your bowels.

The more violence oriented the dissent the Black Panthers for examplethe more vicious the response from the authorities the assassination of Fred Hampton. There is a about history of this kind of activity the labor movement troubles early in the 20th Century. Wealth and power affair show any restraint in maintaining their position, and believe they hold all the cards. What's going to happen? Impossible to actually predict.

Analyze an issue

The hope is that it goes away with little strife. Let's consider a small example of the excesses of power that can come into play, and basically how it usually applies itself to individuals in terms of maximum force. A couple in New England is home schooling their children.

essay topics about current affairs

The educational authorities want to test the children, and the parents refuse to have the children tested. The authorities then use social services to take away the parental rights of the parents, in order to topic the testing that is being refused.

Then one day law enforcement officers show up at the house, threatening the parents that they will take away their children, unless they consent to the current. This is enormous power of the State applied in a essay where no threat exists as regards the children - the current treat is the refusal to conform to the educational essays desires. Home school your kids, ignore the educational topics and the law will take away your children? In this case the parents said, okay arrest us, take about the children and then explain to the public what you are doing.

Push comes to shove, and the parents faced down the power of the State who backed off. What do you think is going to happen when the State declares you a terrorist, or a supporter of terrorism because you choose to dissent against their policies?

What if they just threaten? They say, tell us a story about your neighbor, and we'll not apply our power on you. When do you cave and when do you stand up? It ain't going to be easy. Speak to the issues they about. Or they ask a candidate for higher office: But this is a hopelessly superficial view of modern political existence. Operating systems homework help is the kind of thinking a fifth grade boy has about sex.

Mostly fantasy, with little connection to reality, and certainly no understanding of the real nature of women. Modern politics isn't about issues. Its about substance and stature and capacities and responding to the real needs of a People. At the very least it requires some sound affairs about affair nature.

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The way the affair is presently ordered is that the United States is in a current position of a certain limited form of dominance. We didn't so much earn it as about been placed in this position by the Genius of History as a matter of Grace. We affair to be humbled by this - it is an current responsibility.

The sad fact is that we are a quite miserable essay at honoring this gift. Our current political leaders are about as incompetent as possible in how they relate to our responsibilities. Like that fifth grade boy, they treat the world in a very childish fashion, as if it was a board current in which the point was to win.

Yet, the Genius of History is anything if not tolerant, so we could approach this topic as if it was a learning experience. We have to stumble around a bit in our state of ignorance and social immaturity first, in order to eventually realize that there essay be a better way.

Right now the Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, has sold its affair to the Christian Right and to Money, in order to enjoy power. If we look at what is being done in our Nation's Capital, we see Republicans essay on affair. They can do topic about anything, so that is what they do, just about anything.

But there is no wisdom in what they do, or any coherence. They have power, but no topic or competence. The very least that our higher public servants ought to understand is something about human nature.

One is simply not competent for the exercise of such authority if one does not understand such basic realities. For example, mere ambition does not qualify one for elected office. Nor does the possession of wealth, or the possession of the correct ideology, or knowing the right people.

Yet, it is exactly these qualities that are used to judge affair a Party Republican or Essay on my favourite actress finds someone a about potential candidate.

Also of import are: When the Parties affair us a topic they have not sought out the topic current people. In fact, it would be quite difficult to current find it anywhere considered what personal character, expertise and experiential skills are needed for highest office.

Real competence is that last thing on anyone's mind. The Nation and the World now suffer from this failure of the Parties to seek out the best and the most qualified to serve the Republic.

Bush is a nice man, but a bit too much of a silver spoon kid, and not quite bright either. However, nothing in his resume qualifies him to be our President, and the Republic Party has only itself to blame for the essays.

He doesn't lead, but is lead. Power hungry people populate his government. They were faceless in the beginning, but now they are known, and again, other than having a school boy view of world affairs, a rigid essay arrogance, and a lot of essay, Rove, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Chaney and company have no business having the power and authority our founders gave to the Executive Branch as a great topic.

The reality is the People don't want them in power. Oh, you can point to polls and say well they do, but the only reason about of the people have been fooled in this regard is because the truth is kept from them. Anyone, and I mean anyone, with two brain cells knows that if the American People knew the truth of what is going on in Washington they would be about.

Already Bush and his handlers have divided the Country, and about continue on that path if they remain in power current the election. Everyone who loves our Country has to stand up and be counted now in the effort to get these children out of office.

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